Dita Von Teese - Von Follies Lingerie www.dita.net Photo: Georges AntoniDita Von Teese is one of the most jaw-dropping gorgeous and fashionable women on the planet. She is also 41-years-old. I think this is important to mention, I’m 43 and I love how someone in my age bracket can look this amazingly stunning and I think it’s important to challenge the notion that once a woman hits age 30, it all goes downhill. Von Teese takes this notion and raises a perfectly groomed eyebrow at it and sends it packing. Dita has her own lingerie line called Von Foilles and it is available at places like ASOS and Debenhams.

The only issue I have with the collection is that it only ranges in sizes from  8-16 and 32B to 36DD, and it would be nice to see a wider range of sizes included, especially because so many women wear over a size 16. Hopefully the collection will become more inclusive in the future, because many women over Dita’s age wear a bra size that is larger than a 36DD. Regardless, the pieces are beyond gorgeous.


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From Dita’s Lingerie website:

From age 16 I worked in a lingerie store, and I had a very strong interest in the history of underpinnings and how styles changed from decade to decade. Even at age sixteen, I wanted to be a lingerie expert, so I did everything I could to learn about it! I started collecting vintage lingerie at a young age, and my love for it is what lead me to imitate pinup art of the 1940s, and that is what sparked my career as it is now. Even back then, I equated beautiful lingerie with femininity and everyday luxury rather than seduction. Of course, the art of seducing with lingerie is a wonderful thing, and I am quite aware of the effect it has….but first and foremost, a woman should seduce herself by choosing lingerie that is both beautiful and functional that she can wear in her everyday life, and so bringing these things together, along with affordability, is what I aimed to achieve with my lingerie collection.

I love how in the above video she says that it’s not about buying something sexy for your boyfriend or husband, it’s about reclaiming your pedestal. And I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to look like Dita to dress like her, after a certain age we all have parts of our body that show this age and there is nothing wrong with that. A high waisted black girdle with garter straps hides a multitude of sins, especially after you have had children, and the right sized bra can totally transform how your clothing fits.

Girls can have their barely legal Victoria’s Secret Angels and the wares they are hocking, I will be over here with my fellow middle-aged vixen Dita and wearing a retro set that leaves no space for the argument that women of a certain age can no longer be sexy.

(Photos: lingerie Dita net/Facebook)