Dita Von Teese in Sunglasses

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Burlesque empress Dita Von Teese is about to launch a line of eyewear with DITA Inc., and I personally have mixed feelings about it. On one hand, my eyes are rolling because of course she’s coming out with a line of sunglasses. On the other hand, I can’t wait to roll my eyes behind a pair of those sunglasses by Dita Von Teese because I just adore her style.

Do you think her shades are going to be retro glam? Uh doy––of course they will be. At this point Dita Von Teese herself is such a brand, that we can all guess what the spectacles will look like even before they launch. The line will be a range of ten pairs of shades, all styles complete with classic Dita names like Femme Totale, Huntress and Paramour. The head sex kitten in charge waxed on about a few of the styles to WWD. Her descriptions of the shades and the inspiration behind the designs are a bit expected, affected and corny, but still titillating and glamorous in that special Von Teese way.

Let’s go over her explanations:

Femme Totale.

“I love distinctive, powerful – dare I admit – ‘intimidating’ sunglasses. These frames will let them know that you’re a feminine force to be reckoned with!  I’ll be wearing these poolside with a black maillot de bain, sky-high heels and maybe some diamonds…Sunglasses are the quick way to achieve glamour. Day-to-day, I usually wear little more than a swipe of red lipstick and a pair of shades.”

Of course Dita von Teese decks herself out in sky-high heels and diamonds poolside, but just a swipe of red lipstick.


“These new-style cat-eye shades were imagined for a woman who knows what she wants. I imagined wearing these sitting outdoors at a Parisian cafe and quietly surveying the scene for possible love interests,”

I love cat-eye shapes and women who know what they want, but enough already with glorifying Parisian women. Phony French-ness is tres cheesy.


“These make me think of sexy shades that a glamorous French woman might wear to meet her lover for a secret afternoon rendezvous,”

Though I really have had it up to here with this French woman business, I like the idea of sunglasses evoking feelings of a secret afternoon rendezvous. The way Von Teese has applied stories to her sunglasses is pretty cool. Most accessories don’t come with a fun narrative.

The collection with be debuting in Italian, Spanish and French department stores before hopefully expanding to other countries. Thank goodness, I’ll have to wait to get my American hands on a pair. The prices will range from $235 to $285, so I’ll need time to save my pennies. Snag a pair over at Pretavoir!

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