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In case you missed it, the biggest YA blockbuster since The Hunger Games hit theaters last night. Divergent is one of those movies guaranteed to be mobbed all weekend. No one really cares if our new favorite relatable starlet Shailene Woodley and sexier-than-Peeta Theo James are good or terrible in their roles, people will still go. I will be one of them. Luckily for all the die hard fans, dressing in character is significantly less crazy-looking for Divergent than it is for fantasy epics like Harry Potter or LOTR. All you need to do to get in the dystopian thriller spirit is throw on a few key pieces inspired by your favorite faction.

A primer for the ten people left that didn’t read Veronica Roth‘s bestseller: Society is now divided into five factions (basically cults), each defined by one core value. Abnegation is elfless, Amity is peaceful, Candor is honest, Dauntless is crazy Brave, and Erudite is intelligent. Now go shopping and see the movie before someone ruins the ending for you.

Here’s how to dress for the premiere, according to your faction.


from left to right: Tobi, Forever 21, Lulu’s, Forever 21TAGS, Nordstrom

Amity: Everyone loves you! Show your breezy, friendly side with a red and yellow floral sundress or kimono.

Candor: Ain’t got nothing to hide. Prove it with a backless dress in Candor black and white.

Dauntless: Raise your hand if you think Tris just picked Dauntless because they have the best clothes. Remember that you’re a feisty bad girl in a leather bustier and mini skirt.

Erudite: Blazers mean business, and blue is your color.

Abnegation: Sorry, but it’s nothing but grey and oatmeal for you from now on. At least get something in silk.


Abnegation: Comfortable flats for feeding the factionless, preferably from Goodwill. Or TOMS. Buying shoes without donating a pair to someone else is selfish.

Amity: Sneakers for farming, festive sandals for ukulele night. In both red and yellow, because you hate to choose sides.

Erudite: Sensible oxfords for studying. Switch to blue power stilettos when you’re ready to take over the city.

Dauntless: Combat boots, obviously.

Candor: Smoking flats for long philosophical discussions. Only real leather. Manmade materials are pretending to be something they’re not, which is basically lying.


Abnegation: This one’s easy. You don’t wear jewelry. You think a faction without mirrors has time for earrings? Don’t be so narcissistic.

Amity: Friendship bracelets handmade by your many, many BFFs.

Erudite: Something super shiny that you can use as a status symbol AND a weapon. And a calculator watch.

Dauntless: Piercings! Nose, eyebrow, lip, septum, rook, belly button… stay away from nipple rings in case of wrestling. Don’t forget a few cocktail rings that double as brass knuckles.

Candor: A charm bracelet, so you can wear your opinions on your sleeve. Make sure one is a scale.


Nerdy girl lets hair down, becomes hot. via

This does not happen in real life. via

Amity: Have a friend braid it for you! Braiding is fun. Get started with these crown braid tutorials.

Dauntless: Dye it black or buzz it. Manic Panic won’t wreck your hair, and is only semi-permanent in case you’re divergent and can’t totally commit to a life of fist fights and rock and roll. Undercuts are key.

Candor: Anything off your face so that people can see that truthful smile.

Abnegation: Who cares? Put it in a ponytail. Or donate it. Better donate it.

Erudite: A Blair Waldorf headband to keep your hair out of your eyes while you study.

We can’t tell you your faction. That’s between you and the book. But we CAN tell you that dressing the part makes big budget teen action movies way more fun. It’s set in the near future, so you can go all out with faction pride and still look relatively normal. If you haven’t read it, you can pick Divergent up this afternoon and finish it in time for the 10 pm showing. It’s a quickie. Just because it’s about a bunch of violent sociopaths is no reason not to enjoy Kate Winslet in future-wear and Scandal‘s President Fitzwilliam Grant making serious face as an angry future senator. Just let the geek-pocalypse happen and enjoy it.