If you’re planning on attending a music festival this summer–or even a beach or barbecue–you’re going to need a pair of jean shorts. As much fun as I have calling them “jorts,” cut-offs are one of the easiest, coolest, and most comfortable things a person can wear when it’s hot out. Unfortunately, the ubiquity of plain, store-bought jean shorts has made them seem a bit basic. But that’s OK, because jean shorts are really easy to customize. With a bit of a summer craft project, you can have a brand new pair that is completely unique. Here are some easy jean short hacks that will let you DIY your way to the coolest butt on the beach this summer.

1. How to DIY Jean Shorts

b261e9abe15e036bd6d12f5f2fd4c938This is genuinely the easiest clothing hack you are ever going to see.

2. DIY High-Waisted Shorts

ed7e3b47422f3fe06a3946d1be7d2703You know how we feel about high-waisted shorts. (We love them.)

3. DIY Lace Shorts

b72cfe2d8ebecfc4de19a1126fc0e331Eyelet and dotted swiss and white openwork embroidery is a big trend for summer. This is a good way to get the look on any pair of old white shorts you find.

4. American Flag Shorts

195da24bd068c612ae53a4286a0555a9I don’t know about you, but these pictures really make me want to spray paint something.

5. Heart Print Shorts

87e5d1fc7d821e08bc6bd9c1b26df327Could these be more Zooey Deschanel?

6. Polka Dot Jeans

a3b7468944d0ee3cfefaeca66a84f960These are just perfect, and not too twee for adults.

7. Distressed Jean Shorts

1816ab195194858c216b09a9c5ce1f8bIf your jorts are looking too corporate, just attack them with some sandpaper until they’re ready for the festival circuit.

8. Hemmed Cut-Offs

bbc6f160c34a90a676cf5ab6a38a9dd1If you don’t want a roll or a frayed edge, here’s how to finish off the legs of your new jorts.

9. DIY Bell Bottoms

6e0c4d9727a62a4201fb41a0454feb30OK, these aren’t actually jean shorts. But I had to include them because I remember when bellbottoms suddenly came back when I was in middle school and I spent years trying to find the perfect pair.

10. Ombré Jean Shorts

184838be409805b29735cabd4bac9a00Denim takes dye beautifully, so go ahead and ombré up any white shorts or pants you have lying around.

11. Bleach-Dipped Jean Shorts

c5ea2b4981be78b59faf87c6bd5e3779This also works.

12. DIY Colorful Shorts

f3bca8e76572861ff9a9843185604911Given how easy it is to dye denim, you can take an old pair of jeans, bleach them, and then make them an entirely new color.

13. Tie Dye Jean Shorts

4ddb3304c3ed9bae8651595fa5ae7420This is making me super nostalgic, and I actually really like the shorts.

14. Studded Jean Shorts

8fac5ba9cacc19dd20c1e9dd347d438bWith a package of studs purchased off the Internet, any pair of shorts can become cool studded shorts.

15. Galaxy Shorts

0db271674467ce998409c328edde8334These are pretty hardcore. They’re also a great summer craft project. Get a beer and get to painting.

(Photos: Pinterest)