DIY projects are fun and sometimes even turn out well. I used to buy simple $20 vintage hats and then sew black netting beneath the brim as a veil or add feathers and ribbons. Then someone told me I looked like I was attending “a hooker’s funeral,” so I stopped. Actually, this is a terrible example.

Anyway. T Magazine did a cool feature on Jennifer Behr, a designer based in Williamsburg, who makes pretty, ethereal headbands. Rather than picking up those now-ubiquitous peacock feather straps from a street vendor (as Blaire Waldorf prefers) you can take the time to make something unique. You don’t need much more than feathers, dye, vinegar and some delicate gold wire.

This got me thinking: 1) Why have I not done this before? then 2) I should make a feather headband, then 3) Perhaps I will just look like a crazy person with feathers protruding from my head? then 4) Maybe there are better DIY projects than ones that risk turning me into the eccentric girl at a hooker’s funeral.

So. What are some of your favorite DIY fashion projects? Any tips on making cool accessories or embellishing ones you already have?

[Photo via NYT]