In April I wrote about Skechers’ “Shape-Ups,” fitness shoes that claim to promote weight loss, tone your muscles, and improve your posture without going to the gym.

To me it was a no-brainer. With a promise like that, I needed a pair ASAP. Luckily, the helpful folks at Skechers sent me the Mary-Jane style in black to try out.

So I took my Shape-Ups for a test drive across the Brooklyn Bridge. First off, I must admit they aren’t the most fashion-forward looking shoes.  They have an elevated sole — apparently that’s where the fitness magic happens — and walking on the wedge “rocker bottoms” takes some getting used to.

I’m a little paranoid by nature, so more than once I thought passersby were staring at my club kid fitness shoes.  But I literally hit my stride by the time I completed the 20-minute walk across the bridge, followed by a 10-minute walk to my apartment. My calves felt taut and tingly and my posture was more upright.  The Shape-Ups seemed to be working, and I plan to wear them again.

My verdict? Although I wouldn’t recommend the shoes for long walks if you live in a busy, crowded city center like New York City, I will wear them while running errands close to home, cleaning around the house, and power walking at the park. And they’re perfect for smaller city working gals, Moms trying to lose the baby weight, or anyone looking for a supplement to their gym workout.

Image credit: Skechers