I followed Alexa Chung for a hot minute on Twitter. It was a brief affair, because she just seemed way too into herself that it was too overwhelming for me to handle. I was looking for a distraction, not tweet after tweet of just how great you are. If I wanted that, I could just reread my own tweets over and over. Although you expect anyone in the public eye to be that way to an extent, it was just too much. If I’m going to follow a famous person, I’d like them be both honest and crazy — like my buddy Alec Baldwin. The man is a Twitter genius and with his anger management issues, it’s one bitch fest after another. Sometimes I think I love him.

When it comes to fashion related items on Twitter I follow, of course, Vogue, both the UK and French accounts, and a whole slew of other magazines who have joined Twitter. But when it comes to actual models, my Chung debacle left a bad test in my mouth; now I only follow Karlie Kloss. Just like with Alec Baldwin, I sometimes think I love her. She also doesn’t come off overly impressed with herself and seems to be honest with her tweets as opposed to putting on some faux spectacle like other people feel the need to do. I’m looking at you, Kim and Kanye.

Yesterday Vogue Paris released their list of the 20 models you should be following on Twitter right now. Unlike others in the fashion world, these ladies present themselves as not only accessible, but are candid with both their tweets and the photos they share of their personal lives. Of course, my beloved Karlie was on the list, but so was Doutzen Kroes, Sasha Pivovarova, Kendrea Spears, Lara Stone and Natalia Vodianova to name a few (you can see the entire list here.)

You may never know intimately the excitement that comes with being backstage at Fashion Week, or the way a vintage Halston gown may feel against your skin, but these 20 models bring you as close to it as you can get to it all — well, via the Internets.


Photo: Vogue Italia December 2011