Maxi dresses have apparently hit England, much to Guardian reporter Bella Mackie’s chagrin. I generally think of maxi dresses as “the sort of dress that would be useful if you were attending a black to gala when pregnant. Or made a time machine that took you back to Woodstock.” Other than that, I don’t really go for them, but then, I also don’t like the tuneful stylings of the Grateful Dead.

I had not until this moment thought of them as “essentially an embellished Slanket, likely to make you look like you’re going to a wedding in a yurt, rather than to a more sober office” the way Mackie does. I guess I should have added “yurt wedding” to my list of places that it would be very appropriate to wear a maxi dress. True, they’re not great for the office, but then, would anyone wear them to a more somber office? Are they not intended to be a wood-nymph picnic gown?

I honestly think whether a maxi-dress is hideous or not depends on whether is comes in one normal color (blue. purple. red.) or, as seems to be more popular with maxi-dress makers, seven different vomitous shades of zebra printed paisley. But then, I may just not be bohemian enough to look good in vomit-paisley. Do you love them? Hate them? Or just want a slanket, now?