marcjacobs-navyblue-blazer.jpgAccording to the DETAILS Men’s Style Manual, a navy blue blazer is the Men’s version of Women’s Little Black Dress. Sans the sexy heels of course. We’d prefer it if you wear it with loafers or sneakers :) . When finally getting over that hump, whatever it is, and you find yourself deciding to purchase a Blazer you must consider the following details :

  • The darker shade of navy blue, the better
  • Avoid crests
  • Since blazers are more casual than a suit, pay attention to whether it’s slim or relaxed. Loose layering obviously requires more room hence a relaxed jacket. A crisper, formal jacket will go better with slimmer tailoring.
  • Sleeves should leave space for about a quarter inch of shirt cuff to show.
  • Vents. Single center vent for slim profile. Double vents for bigger profile.
  • The importance of buttons. 3-button blazers will make you look taller. A 1 or 2-button style will help the rounder size guy back into proportion.

Navy blue blazers can be worn with bright white shirts, soft blues and pinks or shades of gray.

You can buy the featured Marc by Marc Jacobs blazer at Saks.