First of all, I think the New York Times is copying us. The very same week that we cover “Outer Beauty,” they run a piece about how women are forced to feel ashamed about their “bikini bodies” in the months leading up to summer, ending the article with a hopeful note that more women will adopt a loving, accepting view of their bodies, and rock a bikini with confidence.

Coincidence?? I think not.

Anyway, all that said, what do you think about your body and its propensity for bikini-wearing? The Times points to the fact that come summer, women’s magazines are shoving diet and exercise plans down our throats in an attempt to help us get ready to put on the dreaded two-piece without feeling utterly shamed by our unfit figures. Because of the pressure, they note, a lot of women won’t wear bikinis — or will at least feel very self-conscious doing so — unless they’re toned to within inches of their lives.

Where so you stand? Will you wear a bikini no matter what shape you’re in? Do you want to?

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