I can't commit to one color, the way he couldn't commit to his feelings for me.

Once upon a time before I lacked the necessary spine to say “go fuck yourself” (you know, about six months ago), and I allowed the man in my life to dictate how I dressed, as well as my fashion/beauty choices. As our lovely Jamie covered yesterday, she changed her style for a fella which, if you read it (and you should!) actually makes perfect sense. But sadly, I put myself on mute for him; and for that I hate myself and I hate him even more.

It was only when this particular fella wasn’t around that I wore what I wanted for nail polish, lipstick and, only then that I wore heels. According to him, all those things made me look ridiculous. Again, dear sir, since I know you’re reading this “go fuck yourself.”

So since I’m free of a person who thought it necessary to dictate how I dressed and wore even my most obnoxious of nail polish choices, like the manicure I requested above, I’m indulging in everything that he said made me look, well, “ridiculous.” Silly? Hell yeah. Too young for me? Probably. Do I give a fuck? Not in the slightest.

Have you ever allowed your significant other to have a say in your fashion choices, or do you just simply laugh and tell him to fuck off, too?