Give yourself a point for each question you answer “yes” to.

1) I’m kinky!

2) My feet secrete a surprising amount of fluid.

3) Seriously, they gush the kind of sweat that can no longer by contained by my shoes or my socks.

4) I am a professional ballerina and this sweat problem is becoming problematic.

5) I live in a world without shoes or socks. It’s horrible.

6) I live in a world without shoes or socks and I often walk across the mountains.

7) I am a doll designer and I believe these will double by allowing me to make my creations more appropriately garbed.

8) I think this will make me feel pretty.

9) I am a never-nude.

If 5 or less: You do not need underwear for your feet.

If 6-7: Sweat socks.

If 8-9: Fine. You can have underwear for your feet. Capezio Foot Undeez. $15.99