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Talk about a very appropriate topic, Men Living with their Mamas on Mother’s Day :). I was perusing my current GLAMOUR magazine issue(Salma Hayek in the cover), and I stumbled upon an article about whether a Woman should date a Man who still lives with his Mom.

Did you know that in Italy, Men who live with their Moms is prevalent. The rents are so high yet not enough job to pass around so they go back to where Mama is. It is such a problem that the government stepped up by proposing a tax break for such Men.

Here is the US if a Man still has the same address since grade school, it’s almost like a plague. Some Women stay away from men like this. You’d be surprised to know that this issue is more cultural. In the Philippines, it’s not uncommon for grown Men to live with their parents. Even after college and they’re already making money of their own. Oh yes, some Filipino Men may talk the talk, walk the walk, cute and all, but beware coz Mama’s house is still where they sleep, eat and live. Most of them even move their families later on in life. One huge happy family. See, this is shun upon in the American culture but not in the Philippines or some other countries. It’s pretty much a tradition. Somehow.

If you’re still living with your Mama, not that it’s any of our business, heh, you might want to think of the future soon. Unless of course you’re caring for an ill Mother or you’re setting up something huge for the future, I think it’s time to have your own space, own room that never once had a car bed, yah know, grown up stuff. That is if you want to start dating of course. Not all Women like to share their space with a possible mother-in-law. Especially after you said I Do. Besides, the feeling of having your own place is awesome. Save Mama’s house for special occasions :)

Hey, just a thought . To be fair, would you date a Woman who still lives with her parents?