I was at the lounge at Fashion Week, and overheard someone say of a show that had been colorful “they should do more neutrals.” (Neutrals, in case you’re wondering, comprise beige, ivory, taupe, black, gray, and white). This girl said it in a disgusted way. She said it as though lime green colored shoes were maybe a sign of moral decay. I stood there in my black dress with my black tights and my black heels with my grey necklace and thought “oh, that girl is an idiot.”

Then I realized I pretty much only wear neutrals to work. But I wear colors when I go out in the evening – I really love a good red dress. Or blue. I love navy blue. Or pink, although it’s hard to find it in a shade I can pull off. You know what I like? All the colors of the rainbow. Which means that I wear approximately 30 goddamn times more than my colleagues. Because Ashley does not own anything that is not neutral. I just realized that in 6 years, I’ve never seen Ashley wear anything that isn’t black, white or grey. I sort of imagine her looking like a cross between Carine Roitfeld and Wednesday Addams as a child.


I think part of this might be a living in new York thing. You walk everyplace, or you’re riding the subway, things get dirty, if they’re dark you can cover up any stains or smudges. Part of it is also probably the fact that those colors are colors that are taken as being “serious colors” and it’s nice to have something to cling to when you’re 24, wildly under-qualified, and your grandparents think that that you have the same job as their 12 year old neighbor who keeps a food diary on Tumblr. When publishers come in and start saying “words” about “stuff”, the only thing we’ve got to remind ourselves that we’re not 12 and hopped up on rice cakes is black skinny jeans and a blazer. Incidentally, I’m not referencing myself there. I’m referencing every blogger in New York City.

So, now that I’ve screamed at the entire office, “ladies, you look lovely and well dressed today!” and I think we’re all feeling sort of okay about ourselves, I’m going to check to see if this is the case with you, too. You wear colors? You wear them out in public? What’s it like where you are?