Illustration by Tyler Resty for WWD

WWD posted an interesting trend piece this morning on the (apparently massive) shapewear industry. Shapewear does business to the tune of $812.5 billion and it would seem a lot of that business is coming from younger women in smaller sizes:

The shapewear segment is especially popular in two age groups: women 40 and older who have purchased basic pieces in the past and are now buying a variety of specialty products, and teens and young women who are learning about the options and benefits of shapers that they wear as fashion items, such as camis with built-in support.

WWD spoke with celebristylist Phillip Bloch who (nonsensically) attributes the boom to starfucking:

“I think many people live their lives vicariously through celebrities and the public knows they wear shapers because the celebrities say they do all the time,” Bloch said. “People want that movie-star look. It’s affordable and there isn’t the stigma of cosmetic surgery and the paranoia. It’s like, ‘I put on my lipstick, my perfume and my shaper, and I can take it off whenever I want.’ “

I don’t find Bloch’s argument very compelling (when was the last time “celebrity culture” was a meaningful response to anything?) but I am curious as to the pervasiveness of the trend.

So, is shapewear something you own? If so, is it a special occasion thing or is it for the office/every day?

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