M&S is launching a line of “invisible” lingerie to match women’s skin tones! Which is a completely brilliant idea! Except that – according to my eyes – this lingerie is visible, doesn’t appear to match anyone’s skin tone. Because, you know, human skin isn’t eggshell colored (though I commend them on finding one model who does, indeed, have a whiter shade of pale skin). But science went into this! The Daily Mail reports:

Using  spectrophotometer – a machine which determines the individual colours that make up the final colour of the scanned object – and information on ethnicity from the Office of National Statistics, designers settled on the four shades.

Soozie Jenkinson, head of lingerie design for M&S, said: ‘Women are no longer choosing to wear white bras under white blouses and t-shirts.

But… two of the bras are white. Which is weird, because, while my skin is pale, I would still say that it shows traces of being alive, rather than being a ghost. So far.