Pooch Pouch Dog Purse

You know what never fails to make me furiously irritated? People who treat animals like accessories. This isn’t a habit limited to “purse dogs,” tiny breeds of canines that fit into bags; it’s also people who seem to just see their pet as another fun little toy that they can just Instagram and post about and never have to clean up after.

Now, while Quvenzhané Wallis adorably wonderful red carpet style has included many a puppy purse, photographers spotted a woman in Manhattan yesterday with her dog strapped to her waist like it ain’t no thang.

Pooch Pouch Dog Purse

Obviously, this reminded me of this.

A questionable activity, though that dog looks like it’s both howling in grief and in triumph, so IDK on that one. But the little dog from yesterday looks less than pleased.

Pooch Pouch Dog Purse

Personally, I think this is a kind of terrible idea. First of all, it looks extremely uncomfortable; while I’m no doctor, I do know that dogs have delicate joints and this doesn’t appear too well-constructed regarding their comfort level. Secondly, it doesn’t appear all that secure with just those skinny hooks holding the pup up.

The woman is also wearing high heels which makes me super nervous because, though everyone can fall at any time, heels often make people more unstable. Plus, she’s on the phone and carrying something else and seemingly ignoring the dog, so if she were to bump into someone or possibly take a tumble, that dog is literally stuck with her and could get seriously hurt.

So, let’s be honest here…

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Obviously, there are more unhappy dogs in New York, but I have seldom seen one that is quite so dejected.

Oh, and in the event you would like to don a dog that is not a living, breathing creature, perhaps try one of these adorable Quvenzhané-channelling alternatives.

dog wallet


Radley Shake A Leg Large Matinee Purse, $100.

ted baker bobbin

Ted Baker Bobbin, $180.


Dog & Bone Small PVC Bag, $23.

If those are not satisfactory to your tastes, perhaps try a lovely Shoulder Sheep instead.

[H/T: HuffPo, Photo: Alberto Reyes/WENN.com]