Want to take your dog on a bike ride with you, but afraid that he/she will get tired and need to be carried? Wary of all the cutesy-wutsey, “safe” dog carrying devices out there? Look no further than the Fairdale Dog Rack, which guarantees your furry friend will go wherever you do in as dignified a manner as possible.

Using the same design as their skateboard rack, the dog rack is simply the skate rack at a different angle, demonstrating the versatility of the product. It works for all different sizes of dog, but Fairdale advises that “LARGER DOGS MAY CREATE SOME PEDAL STROKE ISSUES FOR RIDERS WITH LARGER FEET.” So, you know, take that into consideration.

Okay, so this thing is not actually recommended for use with real dogs, but aren’t the photos adorable? I love the shit out of both dogs and bikes, so I was pretty much physically incapable of not posting this. That said, if you actually want to take your dog on a bike ride, there are some nice looking pet carriers here and here. Or you could just let your dog run alongside of you getting exercise, as nature intended.


(Via Buzzfeed)