For her latest (and possibly final) Gucci ad, model/Monegasque noble Charlotte Casiraghi (fun fact: she’s Grace Kelly‘s granddaughter!) cozied up to some adorable golden retrievers who were unusually respectful of her accessories. Combined with her off-the-shoulder sweater, all those furry buddies might make that upper lefthand frame the snuggliest fashion picture ever taken. But it has some competition for the title, as fashion has been using dog models for quite some time now. From Gucci to Diesel, everyone knows that a puppy will get more people to look than even the most blue steely of models. Here are just a few examples of dogs ruling the fashion world; feel free to chime in with your own.

1. dogs2tito

Remember when Tito the Pomeranian landed a luxury jewelry campaign with Tous? That little dude worked it for all he was worth.

2. dogs3

How many takes do you think it took for that weimaraner to jump up on Coco Rocha just so?

3. [youtube_iframe id=”6S45MxSHEi4″]

This ad is a video! I don’t think I’ve ever seen dogs shot in such an uncomfortably sexy way before. Good job, Diesel.

4. dogs5dogs6

Are you trying to kill me, Avenue 32? Accessories are always better when you put them on pugs and bulldogs who have no idea why you are laughing so hard.

5. London Fashion Week SS14 - Mulberry

Just a few days ago at London Fashion Week, Mulberry sent models down the runway with some heartbreakingly sexy-ugly bulldogs in outfits that matched their own. BRB, dying a horrible death of cuteness overload.

Bottom photo: WENN; all ads courtesy of their respective brands