Dolce & Gabbana store

Designers Dolce & Gabbana have opted to shut the doors to their Milan stores for the next three days. The surprising move was made in protest of Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana‘s tax evasion charges, for which they were convicted of keeping over one billion Euros from the government by selling their brand to a holding company in Luxembourg back in 2004.

In a statement, the designer pair told the public this:

“We are no longer willing to suffer undeservedly the accusations of the financial police and the income revenue authority, attacks from public ministers and the media pillory we have already been subjected to for years.”

Though the pair received 20-month jail terms for their convictions, their lawyers say they will be easy to overturn, and it is unlikely that either designer will spend time in prison. For now, though, their stores’ windows have “Closed for Indignation” posted.

Tax evasion is a huge deal, especially in a country like Italy that has been plagued with so many financial issues. I was already not exactly a big fan of Dolce & Gabbana’s business practices, but managing to skip out on paying over a billion Euros? That’s incredible.

Photo: jmettraux / Flickr