For Fall 2009, a touch, pop, or straight forward color of red is one of the trends that one should incorporate on their wardrobe. If could be in the from of a tie, detail on a pair of sneaker, shirts, watch, scarf, and other accessories. How about a red jacket? Oooh, sounds intriguing, no?


I usually prefer the classic black and brown jacket during the Fall season but this Red Dolce & Gabbana Quilted Nylon Jacket has changed my mind. It has fun qualities in it. Almost like “devil may care yes I’m wearing red leather jacket” kind of attitude. And quilted no less. I think it’s the fact that the shade of red is not overwhelming at all. It’s more along the line of cranberry red. It has that deep red shade to it.

Now let’s talk about the 12 zippers. Yes, there are 12 zippers on the jacket. Well, 13 if you count the front zipper opening. I’ve got no problem with them, do you? I actually think they’re cool. They give the jacket some kind of edge and funkiness. I like ’em :) . The price? Well, that’s the not-so-attractive side if you’re watching how much you spend on things these days. It’s $2195 at Neiman Marcus. Wowzer.

If you’re going to wear a red jacket this Fall, please make sure to stick to basic solid colors underneath. Stick to white or black shirts and dark denims.

(Image : NM)