Dolce & Gabbana racist boutique product

Hey, guys. You know how the fashion industry is pretty behind the times when it comes to being racially inoffensive, despite companies occasionally apologizing for things they should have known better about? Yeah, well, some of those companies refuse to learn their lesson. Namely, Dolce & Gabbana.

Last year, D&G came under fire after sending some ridiculous, racist earrings modeled after blackamoors down the runway. At the time, they defended those earrings like so:

They are everywhere on the creations of Dolce&Gabbana’s SS13 collection that was presented today in Milan, but they have come a long way. Swide tells you the story of these beautiful artefacts. [sic.]

You might have seen them in some villa or restaurant or hotel in Sicily, dominating the table: colourful head-shaped ceramic vases filled with beautiful flowers. But like many things in Italy, they are more than what they seem.

The head is inspired by Moorish features. Moorish is a term used to define many peoples throughout history. Medieval and early modern Europeans applied the name to the Berbers, Arabs, Muslim Iberians and West Africans, although it has to be said that the term ‘Moorish’ has no real ethnological value. In Sicily’s case it defines the conquerors of Sicily. The first Muslim conquest of southern Italy lasted 75 years, from 827 to 902 AD.

Ah, yes. The convenient avoidance of colonialism which, like sexism and homophobia, never really happened if you pretend it didn’t. And now, you guys get to see the table-dominators in action! A Twitter buddy tipped me off to this picture on Dolce & Gabbana’s Facebook displaying several purses and, lo and behold, a blackamoor-type of vase, complete with exaggerated features and some half-dead plant coming from its skull.

While I am admittedly unshocked, I am still so frustrated by the fact that brands still feel it’s appropriate to use items such as these. I wish I could say they will someday learn their lesson, but I figure that by 2015, they will have begun just writing derogatory epithets on their sweaters because ~*edginess.*~

Photo: Facebook