Last night on Mad Men, Don Draper’s new wife Megan proved that she is in his life to make big changes. Some of them terrible. Like this crazy plaid sport coat. Is this the worst thing to happen to Don Draper since the government almost found out his real name was Dick Whitman and he had to expose his secrets to Pete Campbell? Or am I overreacting?

While Megan’s influence on Don’s psyche appears to have some positive benefits (aside from last episode where he maybe killed a woman in his dreams and shoved her body under his bed). Don has gone from finger banging women in hallways to throwing shade at the dudes who cheat on their wives.

But his new wife’s effect on Don’s style is less than awesome. Their new apartment in the city is covered in all manner of brown carpeting. And last night she made a grave offense. She made Don change out of his uniform of a neatly fitted grey suit. And not into something a little more naked. Into this plaid monstrosity above.

Don sensibly prepared for an evening in the suburbs in his usual attire of a grey suit and thin black tie (plus lots of scotch). But Megan would have none of it. She not only forced him to socialize with Pete Campbell in the dreaded hills of Westchester, but put him in a late sixties adaptation of the hair shirt: a garish plaid jacket.

Mad Men‘s clothing designer Janie Bryant says it is out of his comfort zone. It is also out of my comfort zone.

Luckily for us all, Don quickly disrobed and fixed Trudy Campbell’s sink in a t-shirt at the part, with all the wives gawking as Pete and Kenny Cosgrove stood by futile. But he put it back on for the trip back to the city, and watching a drunken Don grope Megan in the car was a lot less sexy when everything in the front seat was plaid as far as the eye could see.  Or am I wrong?

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