Versace‘s most iconic blonde, Donatella Versace herself, gave up cocaine on her daughter’s 18th birthday party, or at least, flew to rehab that night. …She just couldn’t go in flats.

The designer was profiled by Newsweek as part of the press bonanza surrounding the label’s capsule collection for H&M and Franca Sozzani (Vogue Italia EIC and Donatella’s old friend) offers this brief insight:

As things got worse, Donatella turned increasingly to cocaine, which made her manic and irrational.

The turning point came in 2004, when a party thrown for the 18th birthday of her daughter Allegra became an intervention for Donatella, who flew to rehab that night with minimal fuss. “The only thing she complained about,” [Franca] Sozzani says, “was not being able to wear high heels. She said, ‘I can give up anything, but not my high heels.’ She’s totally ironic and self-aware.”


(via The Daily Beast)