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Donatella Versace already has Lady Gaga running around dressed up like her, but she wants a couple more mini-mes in her couture family. Better, stronger, fancier ones: That’s right, she wants the royals.

Roberto Cavalli is not the only designer who wants to give Kate Middleton a sexy makeover. Versace wants to have a go as well.

“She can wear anything because she has a fantastic body,” Versace said to the Sunday Times, according to Grazia.

But just because Kate Middleton can wear any clothes because she is in possession of a body over which to put them does not mean it is likely to ever happen for Donatella. Perhaps Donatella’s dreams are not quite as far-fetched as those of Cavalli to put K-Midz in leopard print, but we still think we’re more likely to see the Duchess of Cambridge wearing stained yoga pants and an old, torn T-shirt than one of Versace’s sheer, bodycon dresses.

Even when Donatella doesn’t go super sexy, the results are still pretty extreme. At her couture show in Paris this weekend, she brought Lady Gaga and dressed her up like one of the cast of American Horror Story.

Lady Gaga and Donatella Versace attend the Atelier Versace fashion show

You hear that, Kate? No more classy Temperley for you.

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Donatella is having none of that. And when she’s done with Kate, she’s heading straight for her grandmother-in-law.

Donatella Versace reportedly said Queen Elizabeth II was, “couture.”

“I could put her in the colours in this collection, the lilac, pale pinks and purples, but my dream was to put her in black,” Versace said.

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No more lavender suits with bust darts for you, Queenie! You will wear a safety pin dress and you will like it.