Kanye West embarrassed himself something awful with his debut womensear showing in Paris, an overwhelmingly dreadful, derivative collection of skintight mini dresses and Balmain knock-offs. Despite the entire fashion industry showing up in support, Kanye couldn’t convince critics that he has any business telling women what they should wear next season.

However, the many fashion luminaries who’ve encouraged his foray into fashion have to save face, and The New York TimesEric Wilson has approached as many as he can. Most of them recognize that Kanye’s clothes were dull at best, and have saved face by offering encouragement. Like Carine Roitfeld, who responded as though Kanye is a child still unable to ride a bike:

“I’m sure he knows what he did wrong and what he did right,” she said. “He tried hard, and he wants to learn.”

This is true, that he tried to be a fashion designer and failed pretty miserably (especially in light of a PR engine that promised to revolutionize the way women dress), but most aspiring designers who aren’t very good don’t get to show a collection at Paris Fashion Week to an audience of Anna Wintour and the Olsen twins. As for Anna, her public stance was predictably icy:

“Ask someone else.”

So Kanye “tried hard” and failed, but the editors can’t say so for whatever reason. As for the fashion press (and people who aren’t friends with Kanye), they get to call this what it is: the crash landing of a misguided endeavor brought to fruition by hubris and entitlement. Maybe he’ll get a ghost designer next season.

…Or you could make like Anna Dello Russo and wear Kanye head-to-toe… to an actual fashion show, namely Alexander McQueen. Behold, the most boring and unremarkable outfit ADR has ever worn:

(via NYT, photos via Getty)