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As part of her relentless promotional blitz for new album Born This Way, everyone’s favorite pregnancy faker went on “The Late Show With David Letterman” earlier this week to awkwardly banter with the ancient “funny” man. Gaga kept the upper hand most of the time, responding to Letterman’s dad jokes about her outfits somewhat sarcastically in her vaguely accented purr. (Only Madonna should be allowed to talk like that.)

“I have never thought to myself, I’m just gonna wear my underpants,” Letterman said at one point, to which she responded in an equally puerile fashion, “Why not? I’m sure you’d look nice. You’d be surprised.” She also headed off his scolding by saying she’d found her outfit in the garbage on the way to the show. How many times have you heard that one from your dad? (I heard it quite frequently during my “two or more ratty slips equals one dress” phase.)

Around 12:30, she gets tired of his schtick and decides to tear up his notes and eat them. She even commits to it and swallows! Then she is nice to him again, and even claims to watch his show. Bo-ring.

I’m not the world’s biggest Lady Gaga fan, but I think she came off looking pretty good in this interview. There were many ways Letterman could’ve legitimately exposed the fact that she takes herself way too seriously, but all he could do was poke feeble fun at her outfits. This gave her a chance to demonstrate her sense of humor in a way that a wittier, more threatening attack might not have. Gaga 1, Letterman 0.