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Big news! Victoria’s Secret model Doutzen Kroes is pregnant, and she shared this information with the world via a naked photo on Instagram. Baby #2 will be the younger sibling to Kroes’ and husband Sunnery James‘ three-year-old son, Phyllon Joy. After this photo, I can’t wait to see what the delivery room photo will look like!

The picture shows Kroes in profile with a visible baby bump and a sort of softened Blue Steel gaze. I wonder about how professional this thing was–this definitely wasn’t shot on someone’s phone. It’s a beautiful photo; Kroes looks sexy and elegant, and it might be my favorite in a long line of celebrity naked while pregnant photos. I personally love naked pregnancy photos, if not only because pregnant women are inexplicably sometimes considered ill instead of beautiful. I mean for God’s sake, she’s growing a human in there. That’s amazing (and a little weird).

This whole naked photo thing does have another side, and that’s its contribution to everyone’s favorite game of shaming pregnant women for having bodies. I’m not going to tell anyone ever to not take pictures of their naked bodies, because bodies are great and nudity is fun, but I just hope this doesn’t end up with shitty headlines like “Doutzen Kroes shows off super slim pregnant body” or “What baby weight? Doutzen Kroes proves pregnancy weight gain is a myth.” However, that’s on crappy publications that live to make women feel like failures based on their bodies, and not on Kroes, who has been vocal about body image issues. Kroes didn’t create an environment in which the ability to lose baby weight is an acceptable criterion for judging a woman’s success, where women feel an unbearable pressure to get their bodies “back,” and in which honest conversations about the changes pregnant women go through are few and far between.

Aside from all that, this is a beautiful photo and it’s exciting news! Babies!

Photos: Getty Images, Instagram