DM Lite

Newton Boots ($125, Dr. Martens)

There are many reasons to love Dr. Martens: They literally last for-ev-er. They make any outfit look at least seven times cooler. They are a timeless shoe. You get great value for your money. And the list goes on and on. As brilliant as they are, the one small trade off for all the good stuff is how heavy they can be. If you’re on your feet running around all day, you’ll know what we’re talking about. Well, the good people at Dr. Martens have listened to us because they’re now launching a DM Lite shoe for Fall 2016.

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Dr. Martens has upgraded the sole of five different footwear styles: the Newton boots, the Rigal boots, the Cavendish shoe, the Solaris sneaker, and the Edison loafer. All of the unisex shoe styles still have their iconic silhouettes, but they have ultra-lightweight soles complete with yellow stitching and  the iconic grooves.


Edison Shoes ($115, Dr. Martens)

The majority of the shoes are available in black and cherry red. The Solaris shoes are available in black and tan, while the Rigal boots are available in five different shades. The collection ranges from $105 to $125, and it is available to shop now on the Dr. Martens website and in select stores.

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You’re going to need a pair of fall boots and these DMs sound like a terrific option. As much as you might think that wearing a pair of heavy boots is a good leg workout, things can get pretty sore when you’re in them all day long. These DM Lites are the perfect solution.

The Dr. Martens DM Lite shoes and boots are available now online and in select stores.

(Photos: Dr Martens)