Thom Browne, the definitive designer for slim suits compiled a list of guidelines on how to dress like a Gentleman for the August 2007 issue of DETAILS magazine. Here are the ones I agree with (complete list):

3. Chariots of Fire, Death in Venice, North by Northwest, and The Thomas Crown Affair are some of my favorite films—and they’re all particularly inspiring for menswear. I watch movies all the time but I don’t like to go to the theater. It’s just too much.

4. Guys shouldn’t spend a lot of money on a haircut. I go to Chelsea Barbers in New York, where I pay about $30. The price went up, but I’m very loyal to the woman there.

5. It’s sad that the cell phone is replacing the watch as a time-telling device. I wear a vintage watch that’s really skinny.

9. I like menswear from the late fifties and early sixties. It’s the uniformity and the lack of choice from that era that I respond to. It’s also the last time that there was such a distinct American style. Now it’s all jumbled up and homogenized.10. I love white linen sheets, but they need to be ironed, so that limits my use of them. Otherwise, I like really good, starched white cotton sheets. They have to be white.

I echo # 3, 4, 5, 9, and 10. I disagree on #6- shoes. If I can have all the shoes I want, well the ones I’m willing to spend on really, then my Man can have his share of shoeholicness moment as well. As long as my collection is more than his of course ;) .