Here is your daily reminder that combining obnoxious people with lots of money is a terrible mix: a dress constructed entirely out of money. It is also a reminder than the rest of the world has prettier money than we do.

This 21-year-old Chinese woman posted photos of herself wearing the dress on Weibo, which is the Chinese equivalent of Facebook combined with Twitter. It’s allegedly made out of real banknotes and, according to the woman, was a birthday gift from her “daddy.” As if the crown didn’t add enough to the weird, “My Super Sweet 16” feeling, she stated:

To celebrate this princess’s big 21st birthday, daddy considerately sent an exceedingly gorgeous cream cake, daddy is just the cutest! The most fun is nevertheless this “conjoined banknote dress” I’m wearing apparently worth 200,000 yuan, a present my daddy racked his brains to buy for me, isn’t it praiseworthy! Sisters, don’t be covetous. Shocked by the value of the dress, all those CHANEL, LV in my closet are worthless now.

She also insists that it’s made of approximately 200,000 Chinese yuan (about $32,000 USD), though one commenter says that those are actually Ukranian banknotes worth just $200. Either way, using money as a dress seems kind of gross to me; unless you get them straight from the bank, can you imagine how many cash registers and inner pockets and sneezy fingers have touched your “fabric”?

Granted, it looks uncomfortable and just plain ridiculous, but at least it has a lot of pretty colors. But it just doesn’t have the same charm and technique as, say, that girl who made her graduation dress entirely out of homework.

I still can’t help but feel a bit disgusted by such an exorbitant display of wealth–which I assume the Brant brothers will soon find a way to mimic and post all over Instagram–but that’s on me, I suppose. But if you’re going to make a dress entirely out of dollar bills, at least make it into some Project Runway-type challenge with some decent designers, as the construction of this “dress” looks mediocre, at best.

On the bright side, at least it’s not a dress made entirely out of human teeth.

Pic: Huffington Post