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Remember when ear cuffs came out and everyone went crazy for them? They were like the same earrings that you knew and loved, but they were somehow infinitely cooler. They were an earring that you wore on a different part of your ear, and you didn’t need to get another hole pierced to rock them. Well, ear suspenders are a fresh look that promises to make you as excited as ear cuffs originally did.

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If you hate the suspenders that you wear on your shoulders, don’t write off the jewelry trend just yet. It doesn’t involve attaching your ears to your shoulders with a belt. Promise. Ear suspenders are basically like hook earrings. The post goes through your piercing then the suspender part hooks up and around to the inner part of your ear. There’s no extra holes necessary for them.


Turquoise Suspender Earring ($430, Smith + Mara)

Smith + Mara is the jewelry brand that is pioneering the look. Its suspenders are delicate, with little pave stones, and they are the sort of things you could wear every day. If you want more proof that they’re going to be huge, Gigi Hadid is rocking them in the latest Maybelline ad.

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Smith + Mara’s ear suspenders range in price from $150 for one solid gold earring to $460 for a pave diamond one. If you want you to try ear suspenders right this minute, you can always try flipping a small open hoop earring around. If may not be an official suspender, but it will be close enough to make you obsessed with the look.