the simple life

The ’90s get a lot of attention for their awkward fashion and hilarious technology, but I think it’s time we started to admit that the early 2000s were equally ridiculous. From tiny skirts to tiny dogs, the style that we once considered glamorous is now nothing short of absurd. To celebrate the cringe-worthiness of our middle school, high school, or college days, here are 10 TV characters from the ’00s… whose fashion sense inspired us all.

phoebe from friends

1. Phoebe from Friends. We loved watching her dance to the beat of her own drummer, and if that meant wearing sheer tops or vests or both, she always made it work.

lane from gilmore girls

2. Lane from Gilmore Girls. She had to dress conservatively to appease her mother, but Lane always found a way to express herself, no matter what the cost. Who else could pull off this pig sweater?

raven from that's so raven

3. Raven from That’s So Raven. She never shied away from a boa or a bangle, and no one could rock a costume as hard as this lady.

kristin from laguna beach

4. Kristin from Laguna Beach. She made hoop earrings and lacy camisoles look like haute couture. I dug through way too many discount bins in the back room at Hollister to achieve the Kristin look.

veronica mars

5. Veronica from Veronica Mars. Nothing’s cuter than present-day Kristen Bell… except for the old school Kristen Bell, who wore layered polos and t-shirts with high necks.

joey from dawson's creek6. Joey from Dawson’s Creek. They always tried really, really hard to remind us that Joey was the poor girl from across the creek, but her acid wash jeans and peasant tops looked awesome nonetheless. I also appreciated the way she only ever wore a bra when she had to take her top off for a sex scene.

carla from scrubs

7. Carla from Scrubs. She spend most of the series wearing, well, scrubs, but Carla always made the best of her time off. She was the master of accessories, and she had some killer lingerie.

rose from doctor who

8. Rose from Doctor Who. No one’s ever accused her wardrobe of being sexy, but TV had plenty of sex appeal already. I love how normal she always looked… even if her costumes made me face the reality of yet another overalls trend.

kelly from the osbournes

9. Kelly from The Osbournes. Who would have ever guessed that the punky, angry teen from everyone’s favorite reality show would grow up to be a fashion icon? Her clothes were still pretty great back then, though. I admired her creativity.

paris hilton and nicole richie from the simple life

10. Paris and Nicole from The Simple Life. The reign of this dynamic duo is long over, but their style choices live on forever in our hearts. What was even going on in the early 2000s? How did we let this happen?