It seems the United States has been hit with ALL the snow and ALL the cold. You might be back to work today, but if you’re still bundled up inside avoiding the insane windchill, I bet you’re getting a little bored of your Netflix queue right about now. If that’s the case, I suggest getting crafty. These 10 easy DIY projects will update your wardrobe without taking too much time or effort. Plus, you’ll get the bragging rights of saying “I made this!” once you can finally wear your awesome creation out of the damn house.

1. Lace Shorts via Sincerely Kinsey


OK, you’re probably not going to wear these for at least a few months (unless you live in Key West), but there’s nothing wrong with looking towards spring!

2. DIY Elbow Patch via Honestly WTF


This tutorial is for a felted patch, but you could easily just cut a shape out of fabric and sew it on to a shirt!

3. One Minute DIY Boot Socks via Endlessly Inspired


Cut the arms off an old sweater and voila!

4. No Sew Tote Bag From A Pillowcase via Creme De La Craft


How cute is this? I think it would make a perfect farmer’s market bag.

5. Bandana Back Shirt via A Beautiful Mess


You could use any cool scarf for this. A bright, bold one from the thrift store would be awesome, I bet.

6. Basket Weave Sweatshirt via Trash To Couture


Add some interest to an old sweatshirt by cutting the back into a gorgeous basket weave pattern.

7. Glitter Boots via A Pair And A Spare


Um, glitter. And glitter. And oh yeah: GLITTER.

8. Color Block Blouse via P.S. I Made This


Fabric paint and a steady hand gets you a bright blouse!

9. Polka Dot Sneakers via Golden And Lovely 


This project is ridiculously easy, since all you need is a pair of shoes and a fabric pen.

10. DIY Multi-Strand Scarf/Necklace via Rabbit Food For My Bunny Teeth 

scarf-necklaceGoes with everything, is perfect for all seasons, and pretty simple to make, too!

All photos via respective websites and blogs