Meet the underdog of Coachella, folks. This guy beat the odds, surpassing all the headdresses and bindis and frat bros throwing “gang signs,” miraculously winning the award for Worst Outfit of Coachella. (Well, for Weekend One, at least; who knows what kind of twisted shit somebody else will come up with in the next five days.) The man’s “Eat, Sleep, Rape, Repeat”

Not only is this is quite possibly the worst T-shirt we have ever seen — besides maybe the “rape is a snuggle with a struggle” one from a couple years ago — it is also one of the worst venues for a disgusting clothing item like this one. Sure, it would be horribly offensive merely existing in the dark corners of this human wastebasket’s closet, but even if he wore it around a party he was throwing at his own home, it would still be significantly better than putting it on for a giant music festival where tens of thousands of women and men are trying to have a good time without, you know, feeling like somebody wants to rape them.

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Being a weirdo at a music festival is practically a requisite of those types of things. And god knows it can be hard to figure out what to wear, but that doesn’t mean you should be as offensive as possible. Statistically, this guy and his hil-aaaaarious fucking shirt were seen by hundreds of rape survivors, if not more. Their right to feel safe within an environment they paid hundreds of dollars to be in should supersede his right to perpetuate rape culture to the masses.

On the bright side, while this isn’t a prosecutable crime, there’s always the jury of the Internet to deal with. On the extra bright side, he’s dumb enough to pose for a photo.