Everyone knows that looking “Eco Chic” is totally in. But what exactly is Eco Chic? Well, in its broadest sense, it really can be anything from a cute tee that proclaims your love of the earth. Or for die hards, it can mean choosing to wear organic fabrics or materials. If you want the best buzz in Eco Wear, be sure to stop by b5’s very own Chic by Nature. Otherwise, have a look at these cute earth-and-peace-happy tees, all from Wet Seal.

Heart Peace Tee from Wet Seal

Heart Peace Tee, $12.50

I’m Hot Earth Tee from Wet Seal

I’m Hot Earth Tee, $10.50

Heart-Eyes Smiley Tee from Wet Seal, $13.50

Heart-Eyed Smiley Tee, $13.50

Cute, huh? There are a ton more where those come from. Check all of Wet Seal’s Eco Styles. Fun stuff! =)

All images from Wet Seal.com