Last April of this year, Ed Westwick aka Chuck Bass of Gossip Girl, sported a slight facial hair. It wasn’t as drastic as other Hollywood Men who have decided to have facial hair at one time or another.


He looked ok. It’s kinda weird coz mos of the time a slight facial hair would give a Man an edgy or rough “persona”. I don’t see it on Ed Westwick. I think it’s because he doesn’t need it. He’s already got it.


Ironically enough, there’s something dangerous in his clean-shaven look. I think I’ve been watching too much Gossip Girl, ha. All he needs pretty much is to continue wearing his designer suits and shiny designer shoes, then keep saying, “I’m Chuck Bass, You Europeans should know who that is” and I’m sold that he has a dangerous side. It’s funny though because Ed Westwick has a European accent. I’m hoping he’d use it in one of the episodes but that would just be wishful thinking.

Anyhooo, Ed Westwick, facial hair or clean-shaven?

(Images : Bauer-Griffin)