When it comes to green companies, there appears to be many different levels or classifications. Some companies make clothing with traditional materials, but they donate a portion of their profits to benefit a cause. Or a company might use sustainable materials, but their profits are their own. Then, there’s the company that uses fairly traded products or materials….. See,  it gets complicated.

EDUN is a relatively new company that launched in the 5 years ago this Spring. It’s run by Ali Hewson and Bono and their intention is …

…to help build Africa as a viable source of production for fashion.  Founded on the premise of trade not aid, EDUN is a for profit business that aims to raise awareness of the possibilities in Africa to encourage emulation.  To help achieve this goal, EDUN is investing in the development of a community-based value chain, beginning with organic cotton.  In 2007 the company launched EDUN LIVE, a blank tee shirt division that is 100% “grow to sew” African produced.

EDUN offers a full clothing for both men, women, with some items for children, too.

Image credit: EDUN