Take that PETA. A supremely ironic Edward Gorey is going to show that fur coats are great for animals. From beyond the grave.

Tomorrow morning, 14 of Edward Gorey’s fur coats are being auctioned off. Each coat was worn by Gorey (one was even designed by him) and  all of them will make you look like one of the Gashlycrumb Tinies, if only the Tinies wore fur coats. The proceeds go towards the Edward Gorey Foundation.

whose sole mission is the care and welfare of animals. Now, you might wonder why Edward Gorey was wearing fur coats – and depicting so many of the gentlemen in his pen and ink drawings wearing them – if he was so invested in animal welfare. And the answer is “he had a change of heart in 1980 and put all his coats into storage.” Where they’ve been for the past 30 years.

So, perhaps this is less a case of “people being supremely ironic, because that is what Gorey would have wished” and more a case of “cleaning out storage space.”

So, does this seem hypocritical? Or awesome? Or just Gashly?