When you say the word “jewelry”, most people think of something shiny and glittery, made with silver or gold – maybe with diamonds or other gemstones.

The jewelry designers from Turtle Love Committee want to change the way you think about jewelry.  Their clean, simple and elegant designs feature river rocks.

That’s right, river rocks.

Rocks that people have gone out and found on the banks of local rivers, that have been polished by the water and pebbles until they’re smooth.

And guess what – the jewelry is lovely!

turtle love committee river rock jewelry 1

The Sheridan pendant is made from a single rock, found in Upper Michigan.  It’s strung on sterling silver with a sterling silver chain.

turtle love committee river rock jewelry 2

The matching Sheridan earrings come from the same area in Upper Michigan.  The earrings are hung simply with sterling silver wire on ear post findings.

turtle love committee river rock jewelry 3

The Waldoboro pendant comes from a river in Maine.  The stone has been wrapped in a sterling silver and hung on an 18″ chain.

images: Turtle Love Committee