I think I just found what I want for my birthday in this Eliot Danori Crystal Butterfly Necklace. I love butterfly accessories. Actually, I love EVERYTHING that has butterflies in it. The Swarovski crystal-accented butterfly pendant in this Eliot Danori necklace is to-die-for. Well, maybe not quite. It’s not Tiffany’s but it’s still gorgeous to it’s own merit and all it’s shimmering glory.

For only $50 I think I can buy it for myself. My birthday gift to myself. I’m allowed to shower myself with other stuff besides shoes and clothes, right? Or, I could just leave the Macy’s window open so when my husband uses my office in the morning, he’ll see the necklace right away. :)

A strapless black dress would look nice with this butterfly pendant necklace, don’t you think?

(Image : Macy’s)