Elizabeth Olsen might be the younger and less-famous sister of Mary-Kate and Ashley, but she probably won’t be less famous for long. She not only has a string of well-regarded indie movies to back up her “serious actress” cred, she’ll also be starring in the new Godzilla remake and–best of all–playing the Scarlet Witch in The Avengers: Age of Ultron. (Could not be more excited.) But before all that happens, she gets to absolutely stun on the June cover of Marie Claire UK in a springy, 60s-esque turtleneck by Miu Miu.


We like the way she looks with her poofed up, messy, vaguely 60s-inspired hair with a bit of a rock and roll edge. She normally hews to sleeker looks on the red carpet, but this quirky, edgy chick look is working for her.

Her look is brilliant, but the interview inside seems to get a little weird. According to US WeeklyMarie Claire asks her about family, kids, and work-life balance. The “having it all” conversation is irksome enough when asked of older actresses with children who might have some insight into the issue, but Olsen is a 25-year-old just planning her wedding, so it feels awkward when she shares insights like:

“It’s more important for women to do well in their family lives because they end up doing better in their job if they pay attention to their family,” she said. “There was a time when you’d have a career, get to the top, and then have children, which I always thought was weird—as opposed to having kids witnessing the ebbs and flows, starting somewhere and growing together as a family.”

Well, the magazine asked a dumb question, and she gave a dumb answer. This is just an utterly bizarre line for the conversation to take, considering that Olsen doesn’t actually have any expertise or experience in the subject. She’s a 25-year-old movie star from a successful Hollywood family with no kids and a surname that would open pretty much any doors she wanted. There’s no reason she would know what makes a person do better at their mid-level office management job or what is most important for a random working woman to take into account when planning her family.

She does at least recognize that she does not come from a normal working family.

“I did live a charmed life. We got to go on vacations and lived in nice homes, and I got to play club volleyball and ballet, which you don’t realize as a kid are expensive. My mom would say things like, ‘Lizzie we are not the Rockefellers!’ That put things into perspective.”

Olsen’s mom sounds cool. Someone should do an interview with her. The mother of the Olsens seems like someone who would actually have some insights into raising children that are more interesting than those of her young daughters.

Olsen is a talented young actress who evidently wears 60s-inspired fashions very well, and Marie Claire would have done well to just keep talking to her about the stuff she actually has experience in, like acting.

Despite the fact that her sisters have been famous actors their whole lives, Olsen says it’s actually Michelle Pfeiffer who made her want to be an actress. We can see the resemblance:



According to Olsen, she’s still not famous enough that people on the New York subway recognize her, and she hopes that continues forever.

“I’m never bothered anywhere. Only occasionally someone will say, ‘Have we met before? You look so familiar,'” she said.

Olsen said she hopes that never changes, but considering the big-budget blockbusters she has coming out soon, we do not think there is much chance of that happening. This magazine cover she’s on probably won’t help much, either.

(Photos: Marie-Claire UK)