Elizabeth and  Mary-Kate Olsen 2013 CFDA

We’ve seen a lot of Elizabeth Olsen on the red carpet looking fabulous while promoting Godzilla. After seeing her in short skirts, lace, and outfits that could be described as a bit sexy, it’s clear that Elizabeth Olsen decided a long time ago that she didn’t need to listen to her sisters, Mary-Kate and Ashley‘s, fashion advice. If you have an older sister, you’ve probably had your fair share of sisterly advice (and clothes stealing). Being older and of course, wiser, she probably thought she knew everything there is to know about fashion, while you being the younger, less experienced one, yearned for her wardrobe guidance. Now imagine like Elizabeth, you have two older twin sisters, who are also fashion designers, with two successful fashion lines that show at New York Fashion Week. It takes a lot of confidence to trust your own instincts and ignore fashion insight from the two pioneers of bag lady boho.

Here is how Elizabeth ignored Mary-Kate and Ashley’s fashion advice and still manages to look amazing:

1. Mary-Kate and Ashley’s Advice: Stick with black. If you must deviate, navy, white and gray are acceptable, but only paired with black.

Mary-Kate and Ashley Black LEXUS Design Disrupted Fashion Experience How Elizabeth ignored it: There is more color in this one outfit, than there has been in both Mary-Kate and Ashley’s closets in the last five years. There’s a fuzzy yellow coat, chambray shirt and salmon skinny jeans. Her sisters may not approve of the specific colors, but they will approve of the unexpected combination and wearing a furry coat at the end of April in New York. The weather doesn’t dictate what Olsens wear after all.

Elizabeth Olsen Boyd Holbrook Walk in Soho

2. Mary-Kate and Ashley’s Advice: Full-length skirts and dresses are the best evening options. The more fabric used, the better.

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen Charles James Met Gala 2014

How Elizabeth ignored it: Elizabeth showed up to the Met Gala wearing a short baby blue Miu Miu dress that was one part Olympic ice skater another part Frozen. MK and A were there too and of course they were in full length dresses–and yes, they were black (see #1). I wouldn’t be surprised if they ignored Elizabeth the entire night for not listening to their advice.

Elizabeth Olsen Miu Miu Short Blue Dress Met Gala Charles James 2014

3. Mary-Kate and Ashley’s Advice:  Don’t wear anything that borders on feminine–no ruffles or frills. Androgyny and streamlined are the operative words.

Ashley Olsen and Mary-Kate Olsen WSJ Innovator of the Year Awards MOMA

How Elizabeth ignored it: They’re not going to be happy with this one. For the 2013 BAFTAs Elizabeth chose a Chanel Haute Couture dress that was the antithesis of streamlined. There were feathers, sequin flowers and a massive peplum. It was $50,000 worth of feminine fabulousness.

Elizabeth Olsen Peplum Chanel Dress BAFTAs 2013

4. Mary-Kate and Ashley’s Advice:  A loose, flowy silhouette is best. Form-fitting clothes or anything that could restrict your oxygen flow are off limits.

Ashley Olsen and Mary-Kate Olsen leaving Arts Club London

How Elizabeth ignored it: She may not be squishing any internal organs, but Elizabeth is showing more of her body shape than either of her sisters ever do (Has either twin ever worn a pencil skirt?). Plus, she’s totally pulling off that difficult midi-length. Mary Kate and Ashley could gain or loose 50lbs and still wear the same clothes.

Elizabeth Olsen Black Leather Skirt Liberal Arts Screening

5. Mary-Kate and Ashley’s Advice: Don’t wear anything sparkly. A black patent leather tote is as much shine as anyone needs.

Ashley Olsen and Mary-Kate Olsen Estee Lauder Modern Muse Fragrance Launch

How Elizabeth ignored it: To a normal person’s eye, the Ellie Saab gown Elizabeth wore to the London premiere of Godzilla is hardly glittery. To an Olsen twin who hasn’t worn a sequin since the nineties, it is as shiny as a disco ball. They weren’t too mad, because Elizabeth told them the dress was black–even though it’s midnight blue.

Elizabeth Olsen Navy Lace Dress Godzilla London Premiere

6. Mary-Kate and Ashley’s Advice: Don’t wear any low-cut necklines or anything that would show a hint of cleavage. Slutty, slutty.

Mary Kate Olsen Arriving 2013 CFDA Awards

How Elizabeth ignored it: Elizabeth is going to get a stern taking to for showing up in a dress that wasn’t only fitted and revealed calf, but had a plunging neckline that showed front under boob. It’s a dress that could easily be described as ‘sexy,’ a word that does not exist in the twin’s dictionary. I love the longer length and demure makeup, it’s still classy but just a bit sassy.

Elizabeth Olsen Black Dress ForevermarkDiamonds IN SECRET Premiere LA

7. Mary-Kate and Ashley’s Advice: Don’t wear anything that makes you look like the average person.

Ashley Olsen Layered Outfit Dog New York

How Elizabeth ignored it: She certainly threw out the twin’s rulebook on this one. This could be any well-dressed woman. Elizabeth probably passed by two other women wearing the Banana Republic version of her trench on the way to The Late Show with David Letterman. (Who wouldn’t want to copy the look?) If she added a crazy hat and draped four black ponchos around it, her sisters might have been forgiven.

Elizabeth Olsen Trench Coat Late Show With David Letterman

8. Mary-Kate and Ashley’s Advice: You should never wear anything that could be considered cute. Cute is for puppies and kitties, not clothes.

Ashley Olsen White Coat NYC

How Elizabeth ignored it: A fit-and-flare dress with pretty pink stripe, strappy heels and silver clutch is one flower corsage away of being the perfect outfit for a semi-formal. She is pinch-her-cheeks cute but her sister’s won’t approve. The last time they wore something that could be described as cute was in 1988. They were two years old and forced to wear it on Full House.

Elizabeth Olsen Peach Dress Liberal Arts Sceening Outside

9. Mary-Kate and Ashley’s Advice:  Don’t have anything in your closet that you could wear to an office.

Mary Kate Olsen Sandals Baggy Clothes New York

How Elizabeth ignored it: Yes, Elizabeth’s boyfriend blazer and checked trousers would be appropriate in most work places but who cares? This outfit is so cute I would wear it to work and out to drinks afterwards. The way she mixes prints with the white blouse and snakeskin shoes is fun and wearable. If her sisters are that upset with it, she can wear it to Elizabeth and James HQ when it’s time for her to go over the payroll.

Elizabeth Olsen Suit Late Show with David Letterman

10. Mary-Kate and Ashley’s Advice: Shoes shouldn’t be too feminine. Stick with chunky, orthopedic styles. If you wear a sock with them, even better.

Ashley Olsen and Mary-Kate Olsen leaving Dana Tanas

How Elizabeth ignored it: Oh Elizabeth, you were so close. If I hadn’t watched It Takes Two on repeat as a child, I would have almost said you were an Olsen twin. Monochromatic black? Check. Pouty smirk? Check. Clothes artfully layered to hide your body? Check. Then I look down at your feet and instead of a Givenchy Birkenstock I see a pointy toe heel. So close yet so far. Don’t be too upset because you look amazing and you’re at Paris Fashion Week. You can always bust out the orthopedics to do some sightseeing later.

Elizabeth Olsen Autumn Winter Paris Fashion Week 2013

 Photos: Wenn, Pacific Coast News Photos