Elizabeth Taylor's first wedding dressIf you happen to be a not-superstitious royal bride with a 20-inch waist and $75,000 lying around, we’ve found the dress for you. Elizabeth Taylor‘s first wedding dress is going up for auction at Christie’s next month, and it might not be good luck, but it’s certainly pretty.

Taylor eventually married eight times in eight fabulous wedding dresses, but you never forget your first, especially if it’s as gorgeous as this one.

For Taylor’s first wedding, to Conrad Hilton in 1950 when she was just 18 years old, MGM gave her a wedding dress designed by MGM’s chief costume designer, Helen Rose, who also designed the famous wedding dress Grace Kelly wore when she became the Princess of Monaco.

In Rose’s autobiography, she said studio head Louis B. Mayer had once explained her job at the studio succinctly: “Just make them beautiful.” That doesn’t sound like much of a challenge for someone dressing an 18-year-old Elizabeth Taylor, but Rose went for it anyway, making up a narrow-waisted, full-skirted dress that showed off the star’s amazing figure and made her look about as beautiful as it is possible for a human being to look.

It took 15 people two to three months of full-time work to make Taylor’s full-skirted, trained wedding gown, which required 25 yards of white satin to make and was sprinkled with bugle beads and seed pearls. Taylor’s waist was tiny, but the dress helped her out a bit with a built-in corset. According to The Daily Mail, the dress had a 20-inch waist when Taylor wore it, but it has since been let out to 22 inches.

Christie’s estimates the dress will sell for between $45,000 and $75,000.

Via The Daily Mail/Photo: Christie’s