Elizabeth Taylor’s jewelry has lived a full and interesting life thus far. At least some of the baubles were gifted to the actress by her two-time husband Richard Burton, and they’ve been worn to many of Hollywood’s most fabulous parties and awards shows.

It should come as no surprise, then, that now that Taylor has passed, her accessories continue to live the high life.  Time magazine reports that the jewelry will be commencing a world tour, stopping in L.A., Moscow, London, Dubai, Geneva, Paris and Hong Kong, taking in some spa treatments, spending time horseback riding on a ranch to unwind, and possibly passing a week or two with Gwyneth Paltrow while doing some guest writing for GOOP.

They’ll end up back in New York at Rockefeller Center, to be auctioned off to some other very rich person, and no doubt plan to keep their lifestyle intact throughout this time of change.

Of course, we wish them all the best, and do hope to see them at Christmas next year.