Elle FanningMirror, mirror on the wall, who is the most stylish teenager of them all? That would be Elle Fanning. Elle gains another point in proving that she is the most stylish Fanning sister (sorry Dakota) by showing up to the Maleficent premiere in Japan looking like a Medieval princess–and I mean that in the best way possible.

Elle Fanning Japan Maleficent Premiere White Alexander McQueen Dress

Normally if I said someone’s outfit looked like it belonged to a Medieval princess, I would basically be saying it looked like they were dressing up for Halloween on the wrong day of the year. With Elle, it is meant to be a compliment. The younger Fanning sister has already proven that she can rock a blue frock better than Cinderella, so it’s no surprise that she can pull off a historic princess look as well a classic Disney princess one.

Her embroidered Alexander McQueen dress has the gathered sleeves and low cut neckline that remind of the ancient dressing gowns you would wear to sleep in your castle. The dress is the sort of thing I bet Sansa Stark wears under her corsets and petticoats. However, the feathered hem modernizes it and makes it look less like a nightgown and more like the gazillion dollar couture dress that it is meant to be. Ditto for the oversized sun and moon embroidery.

I’m surprised Elle didn’t style her hair in her favorite milkmaid braid (see top photo) but I’m glad she didn’t because then she may have looked like a very pretty extra on Game Of Thrones. The fact she wore her hair down with a hint of visible dark roots make this look really modern. With her milky complexion and pale hair, Elle already looks ethereal in a t-shirt, so the dress fulfills the whimsical quota on its own.

Elle Fanning And Angelina Jolie Japan Maleficent Premiere White Alexander McQueen Dress

I wonder if Elle and Angelina Jolie (thought I forgot about her?) conspired on their outfit choices. The lace gown was the perfect choice for someone playing a princess, while Angelina’s short black tube dress was perfect for someone playing the evil Maleficent–no horned hat necessary. It’s like good versus evil in dress form.

I’m not sure if this is the last Maleficent red carpet, but if it is, it definitely was a very happy ending. And if it wasn’t, I can’t wait to see what princess Elle will channel next. Paging Princess Leia.

(Photos: WENN)