"Low Down" Portraits - 2014 Sundance Film Festival

It’s not exactly news that someone on the internet is making inappropriate comments about an underage girl’s body– we unfortunately see that every single day— but a recent article on E! has taken Creepy to a whole new level. The target is 15-year-old Elle Fanning (Dakota Fanning‘s fashionable little sister, if you’re unfamiliar), and the language they use is extremely messed up.

The headline alone is pretty cringe-worthy– “Elle Fanning Goes From 15 to 25 in Skin-Showing Style.” You can tell they’re dipping into dangerous territory right off the bat, and the first few lines are even worse:

Attention, world! Elle Fanning is officially done being a child. Frankly, we’re surprised it didn’t happen sooner for the wildly mature Low Down star, but with this Wes Gordon stunner she has officially transitioned from starlet to star. She’s gone avant-garde before, but this is among the first truly sexy looks on display.

I’m pretty sure that you’re “officially done being a child” when you turn 18. I’m pretty sure that even “wildly mature” high school kids are still high school kids. And correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure it’s seriously creepy and inappropriate for adults to comment on the “sexy look” of someone who’s too young to get into R-rated movies.

Somehow, the article manages to get even worse:

Not only is the youngin showing off some major skin, but from the side view it’s even more scandalous! We’re super impressed with those rockin’ abs (what high schooler has that bod?!), but the sheath would look a bit sexier in a slightly tighter fit.

Pardon me, but what the hell is wrong with the person who wrote this? 1) The “major skin” they’re talking about is her midriff and her kneecaps, so if that’s titillating to you, you shouldn’t be allowed at a kids’ soccer game. 2) I’m impressed that they managed to write the rest of the article after they typed the part about her “high schooler bod,” since I’m practically vomiting all over my keyboard just from quoting it. 3) They’re honestly giving advice… to a child… about how to look sexier.

When you say these kinds of creepy things about an underage girl, you’re not only putting her in danger by setting the stage for other people to comment on her “sexiness,” but you’re proving that you have no respect for her as a human being. You’re welcome to comment on the clothes she wears to an event. Leave her body out of it.

Via E! / Photo: Getty images