oscar selfie fashion sweatshirt

You might remember the selfie that straight up broke Twitter earlier this year–it was taken by one Ellen DeGeneres at the Oscars and featured the likes of Jennifer LawrenceLupita Nyong’oBradley Cooper, Meryl StreepJulia RobertsBrad Pitt, and Angelina Jolie, to name a few. The selfie became one hell of a meme (my favorite was the Simpsons version), but a new parody might be giving the past memes a run for their money. The selfie just received the fashion treatment and, it’s remarkably on point.

Illustrator Tiffany Cooper swapped out the stars for the fashion elite and put it on a sweatshirt that we all need to own ASAP. You’ll recognize some of the perfect fashion-people-for-Hollywood star swaps, since the choices were perfect. Per Racked:

A smiling Anna Wintour is Jennifer Lawrence, for example, Karl Lagerfeld replaces Brad Pitt and Alber Elbaz stood in for Meryl Streep…Cooper herself is Bradley Cooper, who was the man responsible for taking the pic.

There’s something about the cartoony style of Cooper’s drawings and seeing these toothy grins on super serious types like Wintour that makes this whole thing both lovable and creepy–my favorite mix. They look like scary dolls created to make your clothing choices seem inadequate, and I just want to dress them up and make them have tea.

oscar selfie fashion tiffany cooper

The shirt is available at Paris’ Colette, and retails for $110. It’s more than I can shell out for a novelty item like this, but I can covet it anyway. I’ve always wanted a sweatshirt with the grinning faces of the world’s fashion overlords mixed with the whimsy of an Oscar meme. Bingo!

Photo: Colette