The Hollywood Foreign Press Association Installation Dinner Featuring: Elle Fanning Where: Beverly Hills, California, United States When: 14 Aug 2014 Credit: FayesVision/

Elle Fanning surprised us. She showed up to the Hollywood Foreign Press Association’s dinner looking like a very sophisticated 16-year-old. We’re used to seeing Elle in stunning princess gowns and quirky cool outfits but this structured red Vivienne Westwood Gold Label dress is a departure from her usual style. True to form, the fashionista pulled it off. This is the 1,345 stylish look that Elle has worn that has impressed me, and made me wonder why a high school-age girl has more style, and knowledge about how to dress herself than most proper adult women.

Elle’s printed Vivienne Westwood dress is a more mature piece, but she kept the rest of the look young with minimal makeup and shiny school girl hair. She accessorized with a pair of sparkly pumps and a single cuff. If she had tried a red lip and an elaborate updo, I would have said that she was trying too hard too look mature, and failing miserably–which is a common trap a lot of teenagers fall into. However, Elle managed to pull-off a sophisticated, more mature style, without looking like she was playing dress up in her mom’s dress and heels.

Elle wore a similar, soft pink Vivienne Westwood dress a few months ago for an appearance on the Late Show With David Letterman. It had sleeves and a longer hemline. So, I wonder if this is the start of a style transformation?

As Elle gets older, I have no doubt that her style will continue to evolve and change with the fashion trends, like most people’s. Whether she starts wearing more structured dresses, or suddenly starts referencing the Victorian period for inspiration, I guarantee that she will look fabulous. Remember, this was the girl who made yellow eyeliner look awesome.

(Photos: WENN)