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We were thrilled (and admittedly teary-eyed) when Ellen Page made the brave choice to publicly come out as gay, and it’s been really cool to watch her come into her own over the last few months. She looks super hot on the June 2014 cover of Flare, for instance, and whoever thought to put her in tailored menswear deserves some kind of medal.

Seriously, can we just talk about these boots for a second? And the long skinny tie? And her sultry-messy-KristenStewart-esque hair? Ellen has always been able to rock edgier looks (she could pull off looking like a badass even back in the Juno days), but this might be her best one yet. I love the minimal makeup, I love the bare nails, and I love seeing Ellen’s personal style coming through in a professional shoot.

ellen page for flare magazine

Her interview with the magazine is pretty flawless, too. She sounds pretty pumped for her next role, the upcoming X-Men: Days of Future Past, and she got the chance to open up a little bit about the ups and downs of being an out celebrity:

You think you’re in a place where you’re all I’m thrilled to be gay, I have no issues about being gay anymore, I don’t feel shame about being gay, but you actually do. You’re just not fully aware of it. I think I still felt scared about people knowing. I felt awkward around gay people; I felt guilty for not being myself.

Blegh. That would be a lot for anyone to handle, and I imagine it’s even harder to deal with when you’re a young actress– especially one who’s expected to be the perfect role model  for her young fans. I sincerely hope that someday our culture will be welcoming and safe for people who exist outside our traditional expectations for gender and sexuality, and Ellen’s openness and honesty are definitely helping to pave the way.

We love her voice– and her style, of course– and we’re looking forward to whatever comes next in Ellen’s career.

Via Flare / Photos: Getty Images, Flare